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Younes Tsouli came to London in 2001, with his Father after growing up in Morocco. He started college and was studying IT. He was described as a loner but was very internet savvy.

He began visiting extremist websites and gave himself the name "Irhabi 007"- Irhabi meaning terrorist in Arabic. He posted hacking advice and videos of Osama bin Laden onto US Government sites, which gained him attention from extremists, who recognised his potential to become a supporter.

He was contacted by Al Qaeda to build websites for them, but he needed money to do this, so he was helped by 2 other people one of whom had access to lots of stolen credit cards. Tsouli’s posts escalated and he offered advice on how to get into Iraq and how to make explosives.

In spring 2005, a group of young men met in Toronto, some of whom had been communicating with Tsouli, to plot to blow up targets in the USA. By this time Tsouli was becoming more frustrated and wanted to go and fight in Iraq. He was then linked to a terrorist plot in Bosnia, which led to his arrest.

2 members of a group calling themselves "Al Qaeda in Northern Europe" travelled to Bosnia, they had been in contact with Tsouli whilst at home in Scandinavia. They bought guns and explosives and filmed a video of their plot, but they were being surveyed, the police raided and found guns, explosives and phone records- one of the calls they had made led to West London.

London police traced this number to the home of Tsouli and raided it.


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